Thursday, July 30th, 2015
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Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award & Gold Medal for Excellence to Abhishek Kumar Burman of Ranchi.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award & Gold Medal for Excellence to Abhishek Kumar Burman of Ranchi.New Delhi, 05 September 2013 :: Abhishek Kumar Burman [ Chairman & Managing Director – NexGeN Group of Companies ] was conferred with the 69th Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award at Teen Murti Bhavan, New Delhi  for his outstanding Indivisual Achievements & Distinguished Services to the Nation . The award was presented to by Governor of Tripura His Excellency, Devanand Konwar, Hon’ble Ch.Randhir Singh, Former Governor( Sikkim ), Former Governor Tamil Nadu, Assam Hon’ble Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh And Former Chief Election Commissioner of India Dr. G.V.G Krishnamurthy. The awards were given during a symposium conducted by the Citizens Integration Peace Society to commemorate the 69th birth anniversary of the Late Rajiv Gandhi and carry on his legacy of inspiring youngsters to actively participate in nation-building.
Abhishek is also awarded this Year’s special Award “Gold Medal for Excellence” At the same Occasion.
“Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award” was instituted in the memory of the Late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi by Citizens Integration Peace Society. This award brings together people from various fraternities and recognizes them for their outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of industry, business, public life, administrative, social, educational and cultural services and for demonstrating tremendous resilience and tenacity in dealing with uncertainty, outstanding individual achievements and distinguished services to the industry and towards the progress of the nation.
For more than a decade these awards have become an annual affair and are the biggest honor to the recipients globally.



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