Name : Seema Gupta
City : Delhi
Country : INDIA
E- Mail ID :
Social Sites Links :,,,
Profession : Photography
Specialization : Advertising Photography, Fashion Photography, Modeling Portfolios, Acting Training, Acting Portfolios, Photography Training, Fine art Photography, Travel Photography, Nature Photography, Photojournalism


gul-h-gulrajani Name : Gul H. Gulrajani
City : Bangalore
Country : INDIA
E- Mail ID :
Social Sites Links : Facebook :
Facebook :
Linkedin :  Gul Gulrajani
Profession : Photography – Retail, Services & Education
Specialization : Portraits, Fashion, Advertising, Wildlife, Industrial, Corporate Video’s


Name : Sherri Nicholas (Sherri of Palm Springs)
City : Rancho Mirage
Country : USA
E- Mail ID :
Social Sites Links : Facebook Page :
Twitter :
Linkedin :
Profession : Artist Designer
Specialization : Loving what I do which is mostly art right now. I am American Artist. Digitally I paint images and many of the designs are sent to companies to put on apparel, home-decor, and prints. I also do things in wood and anything I can get my hands on to create. I am self taught .

I am From Chicago originally and live in California,
I am married and have 5 adult children who are all off on their own..
I owned and had a wonderful fine casual Dining restaurant and lounge and a designer boutique above the restaurant for a long time which I designed..
I thought I was retired.. when you are a busy person all your life.. who can retired.. not

God Bless Our Countries.
Peace Love Kindness
Sherri Nicholas

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