FFW in India.
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FFW in India.

FFW in India. FFW in India. FFW in India. FFW in India.New Delhi May 06, 2015 :: Freak Fighter Wrestling [ FFW ] was all taken place at Thyagraj Stadium , New Delhi, India in which Indian amateur and pro-wrestler performed at the stage including Female wrestler. In this match female wrestler were standing against male wrestler. There was several rounds in which there was Tag Team Championship, Ladder Match and Some individual Match. In tag Team championship match Prince and his partner The Big Bully has won the match. Female wrestler Tina Victor and Anupama had tried well. There were lot of audience which were enjoying the match in which children seen the most interested.FFW in India.According to the saying of FFW they are coming up with more matches here in India. So this is the good news for fans of wrestling that they will see the live matches in India.

Photographs by Arpit Gupta and Seema Gupta, New Delhi.


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