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Friday Box Office : The Amazing Spider-Man [ 29 June 12 ]

29 June 2012 :: The Amazing Spider-Man

Directed by          Marc Webb

Produced by        Avi Arad

Laura Ziskin

Matt Tolmach

Screenplay by      James Vanderbilt

Alvin Sargent

Steve Kloves

Story by                James Vanderbilt

Based on               The Amazing Spider-Man by

Stan Lee

Steve Ditko

Starring                Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone

Rhys Ifans

Sally Field

Martin Sheen

Denis Leary

Irrfan Khan

Chris Zylka

Music by              James Horner

Cinematography John Schwartzman

Editing by            Alan Edward Bell

Pietro Scalia

Studio                   Columbia Pictures

Marvel Entertainment

Laura Ziskin


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