Greetings for Lens Eye’s Fifth Anniversary 2017

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Lens Eye
Thank you so much for the update and for publishing the news and blogs. Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary

 Akshat GuptaSPOC Media ClubXISSJharkhand, India

You are doing an adorable work. Keep going one with new elan.
Media is among the few fields who can brought changes in our society.

Akhil RajCQMSNCCJharkhand, India

I am pleased to congratulate you and your team, for performing so well and reaching so many audience.I would like to again congratulate you for the great accomplishment.
Your team has been the leading performer, and has achieved best rankings for reader’s satisfaction. You have certainly set the benchmark for other web portals to achieve.
I am sure, your team will continue to perform in same fashion, and raise the standards to new levels. Congratulating you and every member of your team once again for the efforts they have put in.

Akhilesh DwivediDirectorDaksh Bharat Foundation, New Delhi

Congratulations to the team Lenseye,another year,another milestone, I am really happy with the changes that Lenseye has made over the last few years and at this point of time,I can say Lenseye is one of the Best News Portal which is a global local

Amanprit SinghBusiness OwnerSingh Homeo HallJharkhand, India

Really happy to see the Lens Eye Progress.I congratulate entire Lens eye team for all valuable efforts.keep doing the good work.

ANKIT KUMAR GUPTASolutions ArchitectFlux7Jharkhand, India

We all are very thankful to the Lens Eye Team who made this glorious five years of successful establishment in to the field of journalism. We wish for your better future.

Arpit Gupta and Seema Thakur GuptaNew Delhi

Congratulations of your 5th anniversary. Well done to you all as you continue to inspire people with all that is good. Wish you well for the future.

BeverleyNhillVic, Australia

पूरी टीम नयी उर्जा के साथ काम करें और चौथे स्तंभ के जज्बा को बनाये रखें, यही ईश्वर से प्रार्थना है.
लैंस आई की पांचवी वर्षगांठ पर पूरे टीम को मेरी ओर से बधाई..

Bikash Sinhaपत्रकार, शोधार्थी व लेखक

We wish you all the best on your Fifth Anniversary Waheguru Bless you and your team of  Lens Eye’s for Chardi_kla

Binder KaurNational General Secretary, CanadaGuru Gobind Singh Study CircleOntario, Canada

Wish you Happy World Photography Day, August 19, Every Photographer celebrate this occassion

Chalasani Venkata Satya Vijya Bhaksara RaoSr. Special News PhotographerThe HinduAndhra Pradesh, India
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