Know from Jagdish, How many times Heart beats If you live for 80 years.

Know from Jagdish, How many times Heart beats If you live for 80 years. Your heart is one of the key pieces of your circulatory system. As it beats, your heartpumps blood around your body. As it travels through your blood vessels, blood brings needed oxygen and nutrients to cells and carries away waste products. If you look closely at the heart, you’ll see […]


Breastfeeding is critical for saving newborn lives

How to Prevent Indigestion

Measles Rubella Vaccine to launch in Jharkhand on 26 July 2018

Pangong Lake
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Pangong Lake

May | Saturday | 21, 2016 :: Pangong Tso , Tibetan for “high grassland lake”, also referred to as Pangong Lake, is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas situated at a height of about 4,350 m (14,270 ft). It is 134 km (83 mi) long and extends from India to China. Approximately 60% of the […]

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill :: Leh in Ladakh

Gurudwara Nanak Lama Sahib

Gurudwara Nanak Lama Sahib :: Chungthang, North Sikkim.

Mughal Garden - New Delhi.

Mughal Garden – New Delhi.

Adam's apple
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Know from Jagdish what is Adam’s Apple.

The Adam’s apple, or laryngeal prominence, is a feature of the human neck, and is the lump or protrusion that is formed by the angle of the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx seen especially in males. Structure The structure of the Adam’s apple forms a bump under the skin. It is typically larger in adult males, in whom it is usually clearly […]


Know from Jagdish what noise is produced when Heart beats.

Phubbing :: A word to describe the habit of snubbing someone in favour of a mobile phone

World Sparrow Day :: 20th of March every year

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