Pantheon :: The Official Tech Fest of BIT
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Pantheon :: The Official Tech Fest of BIT

Pantheon :: The Official Tech Fest of BIT Ranchi, Jharkhand | October | Friday | 02, 2015 :: Pantheon, the official tech fest of BIT kicked off in grand style with the inauguration ceremony which included inspiring speeches from distinguished personalities and scintillating performances.

The chief guest for the event was Dr. Anup Kumar, who is a leading oncologist and the Associate Professor at R.I.M.S. Ranchi.

The event began in traditional Indian style with the lighting of the diya by the Dean student’s Welfare, the Dean Academic Programme, Faculty Advisor and the chief guest.

This was followed by a performance by the Music Club who sang the Institutional anthem in their melodious voices.

* Succeeding this were welcome speeches by the D.S.W. and the Faculty Advisor who officially declared the fest open.

* Dr. Kumar then set the wheels in motion for the event by an educational lecture on the theme of the fest, Cancer awareness. He was also very impressed with the participation from the students

* The ceremony set the adrenaline pumping in every participant who anxiously awaited for the events to begin.


* The student chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at BIT Mesra organized the quizzing event ‘Cryptex’ which tested the participants’ knowledge of the Internet.

* The participants took part in the enthralling event in teams of two members each.

* The quiz masters made the event even more interesting by asking the teams to find hints on the webpage to be redirected to the next round. In other words the observation skills of the teams were also put to test along with their grip over the internet.

* After hours of mind boggling the team with the overall skillset emerged as champions.


* The event “Google it out “ tests the participants’ ability to find out the answer after facing questions that contained images, words, and phrases.

* It was conducted by IET and the judges were the member of the core committee. The duration of the event was 1 hour.

Pantheon :: The Official Tech Fest of BITLOOK IT UP ::

* An event that sent many individuals swirling around the 780 acre campus, with most of them having little or no idea about identifying a particular location whose photograph had been handed over to them.

* Though this event turned out to be pretty exciting, it was quite a tenacious task for the participants.

* This is exactly what students participating in “Look It Up” were assigned to do.

* They put all their topographical knowledge of the campus to the ma[SD1] ximum use as they tried their best to emerge victorious.

* Finally, the team of managed a pole finish after quite an intimate battle. They were awarded certificates and a cash prize of


* The ‘Auto Quiz’ provides a platform for all automobile enthusiasts to put their knowledge of roaring engines to the test through intense rounds of quizzing

* The event was organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the judges for the event included the President of SAE, Akshay Sarogi along with other core members

* The members took part in teams of two and after hours of questioning team Illuminati emerged as winner.


* The civic quest conducted by the IEI civil proved to be an acid test to the analytic skills of the participants.

* It was basically a treassure hunt ,where the students were given a first clue to start with, unpuzzling which they had to get to the next one and so on.

* The students participated in teams of two,running around the campus searching for clues.

* The team that reached the destination in minimum time was announced as the winner, which was Team

* ‘Gravity children’ .There was a tie for the second position between the teams Spectrum and Paradox.

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