Lens Eye - News Portal - Rahul Sharma - Delhi.
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Rahul Sharma – Delhi.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Rahul Sharma -  Delhi.1. Title of the Photo :: Never Ignore commoner in nature. 🙂
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: Delhi
3. Photographer’s Name :: Rahul Sharma
4. Country  :: India
5. State :: Delhi
6. City :: Delhi
7. Category of the Photo :: Animals/Pets
8. Your Social Sites Link :: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wild-Flora-Of-Dwarka/240195712804368?ref=br_tf
9. About Photo :: Picture is magical. I made nothing to something. This picture was taken in Delhi near my house in April 2014. Never ignore commoner in nature because actually as per the IUCN report (2000) this rock pigeon and common myna only two of these were declared as most abundant on this earth species. So, we usually do ignore these by saying oh ! this is common. But actually when there will be nothing on this earth these two species will be there for our survival. At last everything matters in this nature, never ignore commoner.