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 XISS Basketball Tournament :: The Finals

xissRanchi, Jharkhand | January | 25, 2017 :: The campus of Xavier Institute of Social Service was buzzing with activity as the campus was all set to host the Finals of the Inter-Department Basketball Tournament. Finally the 8 day basketball tournament at XISS came to an end with the final matches between Marketing (Girls) vs HRM (Girls) and HRM 1(Boys) vs Finance-2 (Boys).The final matches were witnessed by our guests from South Korea led by Prof. Imago Kim. From XISS family, Director Fr. Alexius Ekka SJ, Asst. Director Fr. Pradeep Kerketta SJ, Prof. S. R. Shauq, Prof. Mary Bodra, Prof. Subhojit Bhattacharya, Prof. Ratnesh Chaturwedi, Prof. Anmol Bodra, Prof.S.N. Singh and other faculty and staff members attended the finals and cheered for the adrenalinefilled finals. Also, Jesuit fathers from Manresa House were present. The girls final match was between Marketing and HRM. Both the teams gave each other a tough fight with the scores being HRM v/s MKTG 4-3 at end of second quarter. However the efforts of HRM girls paid off and won the trophy with a score of HRM v/s MKTG 7:4. The Boys final match witnessed Finance II boys against HRM I boys. The scores being HRM1: FIN2 10:4 at the end of first quarter. The game saw a quick turn of events in the third quarter when a score of HRM1:FIN 2 -19:8 changed to a score of 22:17 with the star player of FIN 2, Mr. Lucky scoring baskets for the team. However the Match closed with a score of HRM VS FIN 55:31. The Sports Week concluded in high spirits where every team from different Departments of XISS gave each a tough fight for the final trophy. The importance of sports and fitness along with management studies were highlighted during the Tournament. Each and every member of the crowd was full of energy and the campus was buzzing with loud cheer of supporters. The event finally came to a close with the Korean Delegates and Father Director giving away the trophies and prizes to all the winners and participants. Summary of Scoreboard: CATEGORY MATCH SCORES RESULTS Girls HRM vs Marketing 7 – 4 HRM Won Boys HRM 1st Year vs Finance 2nd Year 55 – 31 HRM (1st Year )Won

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