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I am a dumb person

i am a dumb person
with a muddled thinking
i can’t separate truth from my belief
dyk that i have wings?
but they use hope instead of wind
i like to fly at nights
i have a thing for the empty sky
some nights i attempt at catching stars
some nights i can’t stand their sight
there are days when i can set the world on fire
and then there are days when i can’t set an appropriate attire
for those who don’t know me, i have an infectious smile
for those who know me say I’ve an ignored sorrow’s pile
okay let’s talk about my eyes
i have strong yet subtle but piercing eyes
they protect me on most days
you know people think i can see through their lies
but i get fooled, i try to see the best in people
that’s where the problem starts
you see, I can’t get rid of beetles from the maple
but enough about me, let’s talk about you
do you also stare at people when you run out of words
or do you have a box full of words which is used by you ?
I’ll like to think that you’re broken, the Japanese concept repairs you with gold that way
gold, in my culture, is considered to be pure
i don’t know if thats the reason it’s so expensive
it’s just a metal if it’s not able perform it’s magic and get you a cure
fun fact, people aren’t allowed to wear gold anklets
they say it’s not an appropriate pair
i guess same goes for us, like authentic noodles and maggi sachets.

Author  : Arunima Sharma.

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