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iPhone 4S to launch : Nov 25

NEW DELHI : Rumours were already floating about the launch of iPhone 4S in November but now we have the confirmation and a date. Sources said that Airtel will launch iPhone 4S on November 25. The major stores across India would be open at the time of the launch and people would be able to buy iPhone 4S as soon as clock strikes 00:01 on November 25, sources said.

On Friday Aircel had announced on its Facebook page that it would launch iPhone 4S soon. Though no date was given, in this case too it is almost certain that the carrier would launch iPhone 4S on November 25.

Both the companies have so far, however, not revealed any price for iPhone 4S. The unlocked version of the device sells for $649 in the US and India price for the cheapest iPhone (one with 16GB storage) could be between Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000. Just the way how it happened in the case of earlier iPhone, Aircel and Airtel are likely to offer reverse subsidy for iPhone 4S through discounted call and data plans.

Apple had started selling iPhone 4S on October 14 in the US. While it is similar to iPhone 4 in its design and screen size (3.5 inches), the hardware inside it has seen a significant upgrade.

iPhone 4S is powered by a dual-core processor, has a superior graphics chip and sports an 8 mega-pixel camera. It also has a unique feature called Siri, a virtual assistant, which allows users to carry out functions like setting an alarm through voice commands.

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