Personality of the week

Jacqueline Essex

Name –  Jacqueline Essex

Profession  –   Retired

Hobby –  Sketching, Photography, writing Poetry and Genealogy

Education–  too long ago to remember

Married to –    Jeffrey

When was the last time you saw a film, what was it?    Sherlock Holmes,  saw it in December

Please list your top 3 TV programmes.

1.   CSI New York

2.   Law and Order UK.

3.   True Crime

Your top favourite food–  Chocolate
Your top favourite  –
1. Actor–   Rutgar Hauer
2. Actress–  Kiera Knightly
3. Movie–    Bourne Trilogy
4. Politician–   don’t have one
5. Book–   House on the Strand by Daphne Due Maurier

Wake up at :-    8am                              Sleep at :-  1 am


Five things without which You can not live  –     my sketching Pad and Pencils, Camera, laptop, computer


Are you interested in cooking ?    No

Development in your City –   Thumps Up /  ,

Development in your State –   Thumps Up / ,

Development in your Country –   Thumps Up .


You win a  1 milion. Where would you spend it, and what would you buy?       I would give money to my children and help friends who need it and for myself I would like to add things to my home

Name one people that you really admire. –    my friend Ave Hurley who lives in the US

If you were not in this profession what would you be–   a forensic pathologist

Awards / Achievements –   cant think of any

Dreams:-   for my family and friends to be able to live without worries

Any Advice to youngsters–   Study and Work hard and don’t expect immediate rewards

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