Islamnagar’s wounds started healing : Parimal Nathwani [ Rajya Sabha MP ]
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Islamnagar’s wounds started healing : Parimal Nathwani [ Rajya Sabha, MP ]

Islamnagar’s wounds started healing : Parimal Nathwani [ Rajya Sabha MP ]Ranchi, December 24, 2014 ::  Rajya Sabha MP  Parimal Nathwani has expressed his pleasure on the announcement of handing over of the new dwellings to displaced families of Islamnagar (Ranchi) in January 2014. According to the order of Jharkhand High Court the local administration has announced the arrangement for 336 families.

 Four years ago Mr. Nathwani had dreamt of making Islamnagar (a slum of Ranchi) garbage free and started working on this line with his full support. But all of a sudden on March 29, 2011 Islamnagar and a few other slums were declared encroachments and finally bulldozed rendering thousands of people homeless overnight.

 Now again Mr Nathwani extended his support to the legal battle of 444 displaced people and moved to Supreme Court. He recalls that one of his friends and advocate Mr Dushyant Dave played a vital role in saving the remaining houses in Islamnagar from bulldozer with the intervention of Supreme Court of India. Mr Nathwani also personally approached the Human Rights Commission and presented plight of the poor people of Islamnagar.

 After the long four years struggle the positive results are coming up. As per the Jharkhand High Court’s order 336 families out of total 444 displaced families will be allocated new houses till January 2015, while 16 more families will get new houses by March 2015. Still 92 more families will have to wait a bit longer for getting their new homes. Mr Nathwani tells, ‘the only consolation is that wounds received in 2011 have started healing.’

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