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XISS : Diamond Jubilee Lecture Series : The Art of Influencing People

03-XISSRanchi, Jharkhand | August | 03, 2016 ::  XISS was proud to host Mr. Saurabh Mukherjee as part of its Diamond Jubilee Lecture Series Sessions. Mr. Mukherjee has had a long and illustrious career during the course of which he has held roles of diverse responsibilities.

The session held today revolved around the following-

  1. honing leadership skills amongst students at XISS
  2. Get the best out of every internship or job experience
  3. Dynamics of power & politics in leadership

The session gave the students a different perspective on leadership, institutional saviness and positively influencing people. He spoke about having a solid strategy execution quotient, while aligning organisational success to adaptation and coordination.

He provided us with a lot of real life examples from his career on the above issues. He also spoke about striving for transformational leadership. On the topic of leadership he also emphasised on what a leader should not do through cartoon clips and interactive images.

Lastly, he concluded his insightful talk by entrenching the idea amongst students that “ It’s about business and not busyness”

A Q&A session followed where he very eloquently cleared all the doubts in the minds of the students and urged us to divulge in a lot of self introspection before we budding managers join the corporate world.

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