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Farmers of Jharkhand becoming entrepreneurs through Didi Bagiya Yojna

?Farmers of Jharkhand becoming entrepreneurs through Didi Bagiya Yojna

?Ensuring additional source of income for the farmers through fruit & timber sapling production

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | January  | 24, 2022 ::

Michael Ekka, a resident of Silam village in the Raidih block of Gumla, is a progressive farmer. He is actively involved in scientific farming methods; also, he inspires other farmers to utilize scientific and modern farming techniques to better their income and bring prosperity to their families.

*Dreams of farmers becoming reality through the convergence of multiple government-run schemes*

In 2021, the state government demanded saplings under the MGNREGA scheme and the state was not able to get enough quality saplings for the plantation. Given this, the government launched Didi Bagiya Yojna under MGNREGA intending to prepare farmers of the state as entrepreneurs.

Under this scheme, the trained farmers of the state got an opportunity to grow saplings and the government ensured the purchase of saplings through MGNREGA. Once the farmers received training provided by the state government and were involved in sapling production. Soon after, their produce was immediately acquired by the government. This instilled a sense of trust among farmers and they started producing Amrapali, Malda, Mallika Mango and other saplings including Timber plants like Shisam, Gamhar and Teak.

*Government’s support and hard work of farmers is helping increase their income multifold*

Michael Ekka along with other farmers of the state was trained in horticulture and sapling preparation. He has grown more than 8000 saplings of Shisam, Gamhar, Teak and Mango in his nursery through Didi Bagiya Yojna in the year 2021-22. These plants were procured by the government for the implementation of Birsa Harit Gram Yojna, a scheme run by the state government. With this, Michael earned an income of Rs 25,000. This was an additional means of livelihood for Michael Ekka through the Didi Bagiya Yojna, which is helping him to meet the needs of his family.
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