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Delhi celebrates ongoing Ramlila Festival

Delhi | October | 17, 2015 ::
On the occasion of Navratri Festival Delhi is  decorated with colored lights and flowers. The trend of Ramlila is on high peak. Some of the famous and oldest Ramlila are taking place at the heart of the city “Red Fort”. In this ground, two Ramlilas are that performing side by side. Most of the people seen enjoying having delicious food and children enjoys different rides. There are so many stalls including Bharat Sewak Mandal an organisation which is serving more than thirty-five years are very active in giving emergency medical service to the people in the event. 17-Ramleela-02An Indian politician BJP leader Dr. Harsh Vardhan was spotted at the Ramlila attending the Baraat of Ram ji at the cart of Raja Janak.

Photos by Arpit Gupta and Seema Gupta

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