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Lens Eye’s e – calendar : 2016 Launched in Spain.

e-calendarPilar de La Horadada, Spain | December | Sunday | 13, 2015 :: Lens Eye’s  e – calender : 2016 was Launched in Pilar de La Horadada, Spain by Jacqueline Essex [ Renowned Artist, Photographer &  Mentor of Lens Eye ].  e – calender contains Twelve Photographs around the world. e – calender is Lens Eye’s Mega annual event in which participatents from around the globe submit there photograph, from these entries tweleve best entries are selected.  e – calender : 2015 was Launched in Singapore by David Yeo [ Senior Photo & Digital Print Consultant, Singapore ]

  • Calendar January 2016 Photograph by Rajib Roychowdhury, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India

  • Calendar February 2016 Photograph by Mainak Ghosh, Burdwan, West Bengal, India

  • Calendar March 2016 Photograph by Abhinandan Bhaduri, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

  • Calendar April 2016 Photograph by Pradyut Mitra, Delhi, India

  • Calendar May 2016 Photograph by  Regina Bandini, New Jersey, United States

  • Calendar June 2016 Photograph by Rollier, Finistere, France

  • Calendar July 2016 Photograph by Amrita Ghanty, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

  • Calendar August 2016 Photograph by Diane Hallam, Queensland, Australia

  • Calendar September 2016 Photograph by Lisa Heyer, NSW, Australia

  • Calendar October 2016 Photograph by Ayandrali Dutta, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Calendar November 2016 Photograph by Nithya Purushothaman, Kollam, Kerala, India

  • Calendar December 2016 Photograph by Beverley Pohlner, Victoria, Australia

Judging of the entries was done by a panel of Judges across the globe.

Judges  for Lens Eye’s  e–calender – 2016 were ::
Lens Eye's e - Calender : 2016 :: Judging Over : Thanks Judges

* Ave Hurley – USA.
* David Yeo – Singapore.
* Geraldine Scull – USA.
* Gul H. Gulrajani – Bangalore
* Rajat Kumar Gupta – Ranchi.
* Seema Gupta – Delhi.

Team Lens Eye would like to Thank all the Judges for there for active participation and support.  Without their  support it would not be possible for us to achieve this goal. Many Thanks.

Team Lens Eye had also constructed a small team of Event Managers from across the globe to promote the event of lens eye’s  e – calender 2016. All the Event Managers worked very hard to promote this event.  It turned out to be a wonderful success. We could not have done it without their valuable support.

Event Manager for Lens Eye’s  e–calender – 2016 were ::
Lens Eye - Event Manager
* Rinki S Sarkar [ Kolkata ]
* Nithya Purushothaman [ Kollam ]
* Garima Sharma [ Gurgaon ]
* Jean-luc Rollier [ Le Conquet, France ]
* Arpit Gupta [ Delhi ]
* Jaya Karmakar Roy [ Kolkata ]

 Team Lens Eye would like to Thank all the Event Managers for there for active participation as  event manager for the promotion of lens eye’s  e – calendar 2016.

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