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IIM, Ranchi  :: Agon Rush 2021:  The Concluding Day

IIM, Ranchi  :: Agon Rush 2021:  Concluding Day

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | February  | 07, 2021 :: Indian Institute of Management Ranchi concluded the third and final day of its Management, Sports and Cultural Fest, Agon-Rush 2021 on 7th February with unparalleled zeal, enthusiasm and fervour. The 3-day event culminated with cheer and grandeur as numerous teams from top institutes battled it out to secure a place amongst the best. The fest was organised seamlessly in the online mode and facilitated participation from across the length and breadth of the nation without any hassle.
From Case Competitions to Open Mic Contests, the 3-day fest brought forth a wide spectrum of events from all domains, providing the students with a variety of opportunities to exhibit their skills and talents. Teams from IIM Ranchi emerged victorious in numerous events, acquiring laurels for the institute by proving their mettle. Senior executives and renowned faculty from across the country devoted their invaluable time to judge the events of the fest and provided the participating teams with key insights and feedback. Grand prizes were at stake as the participants competed against rival teams to claim the top spot.
Marquess, the Marketing Club of IIM Ranchi, offered a total prize value of Rs, 45,000 while Conundrum, the Consulting Club, presented the achievers with prizes worth Rs. 50,000. The various sports events organised as part of Rush had prizes worth Rs. 90,000 at stake. Ellipsis, the Literary Club offered Rs. 55,000 and Finopsis, the Finance Club of IIM Ranchi, presented prizes valuing Rs. 63,000. The Cultural Committee also organised a wide array of interesting competitions, clocking up at Rs. 92,000 worth of cash prizes for the winners of these events. Other clubs also presented the winners with hefty prizes with ECell, the Entrepreneurship Club at Rs. 63,000, and HiRe, the HR Club, Digitalytics, the Analytics Club and Samarpan, the Social Responsibility Club at Rs. 45,000 each. Sankriya, the Operations Club offered a total prize value of over Rs. 4,00,000 for its events. Besides the clubs, other students bodies, viz UNGC, IIC and Polynomics as well provided prizes worth Rs. 31,000 in total.
This time, although the fest was conducted in the online mode, the passion and liveliness of both the organizers and the participants were unmatched. They “dared to diverge” from mundanity and enlivened the spirit of the event. The glory and magnificence of the fest was unprecedented. With Agon-Rush 2021, IIM Ranchi put up a splendid event in which more than 25000 students participated from across the country. With the “divergence” in this new world, they were ecstatic to have organised the show with utmost honesty, humility and hard work, living up to the values of IIM Ranchi. With a happy note, they concluded their fest with maximal enthusiasm, sheer ardour and beautiful moments. Living up to the expectations, they look forward to the coming year and are determined to make the most out of it and be back again with the same passion, zeal and fervour.

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