A novel technology for mitigating effluents invented
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A novel technology for mitigating effluents invented

A novel technology for mitigating effluents inventedRanchi, Jharkhand | January | 22, 2016 :: For the first time in the history of country RDCIS, SAIL abetted financially by Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India has developed a novel technology for mitigating Coke Effluents particularly cyanide and phenol conforming more than the stringent norms of Central Pollution Control board. IIT Delhi and Jamia Milia Islamia were the consultants in this endeavour under the project “Development of integrated treatment process for Coke Oven effluent”. This Steel Development Fund scheme is a novel three stage treatment process and unique bio-culture consortium   have been developed in laboratory scale  for nitrification & denitrification of coke oven effluent. Based on laboratory scale process, a 1000 litres/day capacity pilot plant with integrated process monitoring and control facility has been designed, developed and established at RDCIS, Ranchi. Using the facility an optimal sustainable process for treatment of Coke Oven Effluent has been developed. In parallel, an alternate effluent treatment process, which treats effluent through the culture consortium organically developed at the root of specific plants has also been developed  and optimized in a constructed wetland pilot facility established at RDCIS complex. The process can be used for tertiary treatment of coke oven effluent. 

This technology shall ensure cyanide and phenol to be contained at 0.2 ppm and 1 ppm respectively. Hitherto the effluent treatment is being done by Chemical reagents that cannot break down completely the effluents and also they are not cost-effective & liable for corrosion. Whereas the ace under the sleeve of this technology is a proven “Bio Microbial Consortium” which carries out ‘Bioremediation’, ‘Bioleaching’ and ‘Biosorption’.

With the upscaling to 300MT steel from the present level of 90MT, this technology has major relevance for the country as pollutants of that magnitude will never be allowed by statutory govt. bodies. Therefore this endeavour by the Ministry of Steel and RDCIS, SAIL is a preemptive one which shall take care of one of the major pollutants i.e. coke effluent water. “Once this technology is patented, procedure for its horizontal transfer to the entire steel fraternity of India shall be soon initiated” informed Dr. BK Jha, ED(RDCIS).

Today’s technology workshop was chaired by Mrs. Indu Malhotra, Ex-Professor, IIT Roorkee. She congratulated the entire team for the success of the project. Sr. Sreekrishnan of IIT Delhi, Dr. S. Ahmed of JMI Delhi and S. Mitra Mazumdar of RDCIS, SAIL made presentations. Apart from GM(Coal and Energy) and other senior officers of RDCIS, presentations were made by Tata Steel, JSW, NINL, RINL, JSPL, Bokaro, Durgapur, Rourkela, Bhilai and Burnpur steel plant personnel.

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