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Access Control & Card Reader Technologies

Access control card readers
are used in physical security systems to read a credential
that allows access through access control points,
typically a locked door.

An access control reader can be a magnetic stripe reader,
a bar code reader, a proximity reader,
a smart card reader, or a biometric reader.

Proximity Card Based System –

In this the readers are installed on the doors where the access is to be restricted. The reader can be standalone or else can be connected to the controllers which are IP based and connected to the server. The System software gives the detailed reports of the access as well as the attendance records.
Biometric based System

The advantage of biometric over card based system is that this verifies the fingerprints of the person and then grants access to the authorised person. This System minimizes the chances of proxy access or attendance. The biometric readers are sturdy as well as aesthetically designed.

Types of reports :

Access Control In/Out Reports

  • Shift Duty Reports
  • Daily/Weekly /Monthly attendance muster reports
  • Late coming / Early going reports
  • Over time Management reports
  • Leave Management reports
  • Detailed muster reports etc.

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