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Affordable housing is an important problem across the world : Mark

MarkDecember | Friday | 02, 2016 :: Founder of Facebook Inc,  Mark Zuckerberg  updated his facebook account and stated that, Affordable housing is an important problem across the world. Our goal is to connect people everywhere, and that starts with being good neighbors in our local community.

For all the opportunity and jobs the technology industry has created, it has also made the Bay Area a less affordable place to live. We recognize our growth contributes to these challenges, and we’re committed to helping solve them so people can afford to live and work here.

Today we’re announcing a partnership with community groups and the governments of East Palo Alto and Menlo Park to create more affordable housing, help more people stay in their homes, and offer job training. We’re committing $20 million to jump start this effort and to start bringing more people on board.

Affordable housing is a problem beyond the Bay Area too. We can’t fix it by ourselves, but if we figure out ideas that work here, then I hope we’ll be able to bring them to more cities and countries in the future.

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