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Annsh Singh – New Delhi.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Annsh Singh - New Delhi.1. Title of the Photo :: You And Me.
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: Ghalib ki Haveli.
3. Photographer’s Name :: Annsh Singh.
4. Country  :: India.
5. State :: New Delhi.
6. City :: New Delhi.
7. Category of the Photo :: Others.
8. Your Social Sites Link :: https://www.facebook.com/annsh.singh/media_set?set=a.10202846754432750.1073741826.1318265640&type=3
9. About Photo :: The theme I had in mind was love. This photograph brings out the uniqueness and importance of king and queen on the chess board and I could not think of anyone else other than my parents when I tried to relate it with life.
Where – Ghalib ki haveli
When – During a photowalk.