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Athletics Federation of India announces team for World Race Walking Championships 2022


New Delhi, February 15 : Talented 20-year-old Race Walkers, Suraj Panwar and Munita Prajapati, will get their maiden overseas exposure in the senior ranks when they compete in the World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships Muscat 22 in the Oman capital on March 4 and 5, Athletics Federation of India (AFI) has announced.

AFI selectors picked these two competitors as part of a 11-member team that will represent the country in the World Race Walking Championships in Muscat. Though Suraj Panwar has compete over the distance in the National Open Race Walking Championships last year, both will get to showcase their talent in a global 20km Race Walk event for the first time.

“With the Asian Games due to be held in Hangzhou later this year, these talented youngsters will gain immense experience in Muscat,” AFI President Adille J Su-mariwalla said. “We are looking to the race walking squad to be very competitive at the Asian Games and the World class competition in Muscat will help our walk-ers.”

India’s two U20 walkers, Amit Khatri (Haryana) and Reshma Patel (Uttarakhand) will open the campaign in the 10km Race Walk on March 4 before Bhawna Jat (Rajasthan), the National Open 20km silver medalist, will combine with Ravina (Haryana) and Munita Prajapati (Uttar Pradesh) in the women’s 20km event.

The following morning, National Open 50km runner-up Ram Baboo (Uttar Pra-desh) will team up with Chandan Singh (Uttarakhand) and Eknath Sanbhaji Tu-rambekar (Maharashtra) in the men’s 35km Race Walk. National Open 20km champion Priyanka Goswami (Uttar Pradesh) will be fielded in the women’s 35km Race Walk.

Later that day, National Open 20km Champion Sandeep Kumar (Haryana) will lead the challenge over the distance with Suraj Panwar (Uttarakhand).

The World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships Muscat 22 will see seven race categories split between the two days, with staggered start times from early morning to late afternoon and early evening to ensure the distance races are held during optimal conditions.

*The squad*
Men 35km: Ram Baboo, Chandan Singh and Eknath Sambhaji
Men 20km: Sandeep Kumar and Suraj Panwar.
U20 Men 10km: Amit Khatri
Women 35km: Priyanka Goswami
Women 20km: Bhawna Jat, Ravina and Munita Prajapati.
U20 Women 10km: Reshma Patel.

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