Baishakhi Bhattacharjee - Howrah
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Baishakhi Bhattacharjee – Howrah

Baishakhi Bhattacharjee - Howrah1. Title of the Photo :: The eyes
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: Kaziranga National Park, Assam.
3. Photographer’s Name :: Baishakhi Bhattacharjee
4. Camera Used :: Nikon D3100
5. Country  :: India
6. State :: West Bengal
7. City :: Howrah
8. Category of the Photo :: Animals/Pets
9. Your Social Sites Link ::
10. About Photo :: I take this photograph at Kaziranga National Park, Assam. This picture has its own story, thats why its so special.
It is relate to the theme because this picture says it all.