Padosi Ghar of Bigg Boss Domolished, Housemates Shifted to Main House of Bigg Boss.
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Bigg Boss House No.2

Bigg Boss House No.217 November 2012 :: Next to the luxurious Bigg Boss house, there  will be a rustic and raw village style mud hut, which will be a fourth of the size of the current 10,000 square feet house. The new house will have floors and walls made of mud, with a single bedroom with six beds but no mattresses. Instead of couches, there will be chatais (floor mats) and antique copper trunks for storage. Unlike the current house, which has air conditioning, there will be none in the new one. The kitchen will not have a microwave oven, food processor or even a sink to wash dishes. However, a small gas stove will be provided, next to which the contestants will have to squat on the floor and cook in aluminium and copper utensils. They will have to fetch water from a six feet-deep well.

Rooms/Areas in the village include

 A small confession room
Single bedroom consisting of 6 bed
A wel
Couches have been replaced with chatayis for comfort on the floor

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