BITOTSAV :: Day : 2
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BITOTSAV :: Day : 2

BITOTSAV :: Day : 2Ranchi, Jharkhand | March | Thursday | 17, 2016 :: BITOTSAV :: Day : 2

Hulkathon :

1) “There’s no love more sincere than the love of food”
2) One of the most awaited events for all the food lovers out there in the campus is Hulkathon, previously named Hogathon.
3) It is one of the most exciting events which is organized during Bitotsav.
4) This eating marathon, organized by the Rotaract Club, was so popular that the organizers had to stop the registrations as soon as they reached the limit.
5) It took place at the parking lot from 2:00pm till 5:00pm.

1) The general quiz was a fun filled event which tested the knowledge of the participants on a wide range of topics from politics to occult sciences and history to geography.
2) Few questions in the preliminary round left even the top participants racking their brains.
3) The event was held in Lecture hall-2 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, which witnessed a massive participation from students of various colleges.
4) The quiz masters, who were Unesquo members, had definitely put in a lot of hard work, judging from the quirky questions and breath-taking beautiful slides.
5) The fierce competition kept not only the participants but also the audience hooked till the end.

1) The artistic events have been attracting crowds ever since the beginning of Bitotsav’16.
2) Panache was another such event that turned out to be a massive crowd puller.
3) Each participating team was given some exciting theme and the team had to dress up any one of its member according to the given theme.The event was won by the Powerpuff Pandas who managed to clear the cut throat competition and emerged victorious.
4) At the end of the day, the campus was filled with enthusiastic participants sporting attires that spoke of fabulous creativity and resourcefulness of the participants.

1) SPIN IT AROUND was an enjoyable event conducted by the IETE club of BIT MESRA which took place in room no 233 between 3:00pm to 5:00 pm.
2) The event was about creating your own dialogues for a given mute video.
3) A mute video would be shown to each team and its members should put up their own dialogues which should bear no resemblance to the situation shown in the video.
4) The spontaneity of the participants and the originality of the idea were the key points that were being put to test.
5) The first position was grabbed by the team Powerpuf pandas, the second position by the team Assasins and the third position by the team Trespassers.

BITOTSAV’s philosophy of innovation and exclusiveness was well reflected in the ingenious event called You are Hired.
The event took place at the training and placement room from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on 17th March.
The event which called for solo participation asked the participants to build and present a fictional resume on the basis of the information provided to them. They were then interviewed in the same character and the best interviewees were selected as winners.
The event ,which tested the spontaneity and the communication skills of the participants was a huge hit.
The event was won by the Powerpuff Pandas who managed to clear the cut throat competition and emerged victorious.

Footloose aimed to encourage single dance participation.
The vast genre of dance forms were indeed heartening to see.
The event was held in the main building from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.
The event witnessed a huge participation from students from BIT and other participating universities.

It was organized by NAPS in LH-2 from 10 am to 12 pm
Various teams with two participants each took part in the competition.
They participants were asked to choose from various sections like novels, science and fiction, tv series, etc.
Each section consisted of various questions of different weightages and points.
When the question popped up, which was basically in the form of an answer, the participants had to give to the question in the form of a question.
Each correct answer rewarded the participants with points of the question and each wrong answer deducted the marks from their total score.
This event witnessed a high scale range of fun and enthusiasm.

  1. The teams that emerged as winners were, Ashish Deopa and Abhinava Chakravarty in the first position, Debasmita and Manav in the second position and Kumar Apoorv and Shashank Iyyer in the third position.

Te first quiz of the day, ECO BIZ , tested the environmental awareness of the participants.
The quiz comprised of three rounds ,a prelims , which was a wrriten round, a wild card buzzer round and a final round.
A total of 36 teams ,each consisting of two members participated in the quiz.Out of the 36 teams only 6 got selected for the finals.
The teams that emerged victorious were, Harshit Verma and Shubham Mishra in the first position, Cȟinmoy Roy and Amit Kumar in the second position and Girish Srinivasan and Prakhar Ranjan in the third position.
They grabbed an amount of Rs.25000 in total.

The Eastern Battle of bands was one of the flagship events of Bitotsav and saw an overwhelming participation with extreme diversity in their performances.
The day witnessed elegant fusion of ragas, covers of famous songs and some teams even performed medley of songs.
An absolute musical treat for the audience there in the Shorbagh and couldn’t have imagined a better start to Bitotsav. Many teams participated and the teams who made it to the finals fought for the first three positions in the night that followed.

The Indian Air Force has been a source of inspiration for the youth of India for generations. This year Commanders from the Indian Air Force from the Disha Cell of the Air Headquarters, Delhi blessed the grounds of BIT with their presence.
They elaborated on the benefits of being a part of the Indian Air Force while presenting a real life simulation of cockpit of the SU-30-MKI aircraft in their simulator equipped bus.
Their objective was to encourage students to join the airforce by giving young engineers knowledge about the latest military aircrafts like Mirage 2000, SU-30 MKI and the MI 17 and elaborating upon the benefits given by the government to defense personnel.
They have been exhibiting about the Indian Air Force in colleges all over the country since the last year and will continue to do so till the 30th on March this year.
They have covered 37 educational institutes across 22 cities traveling around 8000 kms in their journey so far. They have inspired many youngsters at BIT and were elated to see the enthusiasm from young BITian’s as they stepped forward to sign up for the Air Force.

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