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Book Fair :: Delhi Public School, Ranchi

Delhi Public School, RanchiRanchi, Jharkhand | October | Monday | 05, 2015 :: A ‘Book Fair’ was held in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 5th October 2015. The Principal of the School, Dr. Ram Singh inaugurated it and while inaugurating he emphasized strongly that “Books are a man’s best friend”. He also stated that books should be an integral part of a student’s life and inculcating reading habits among the young ones should be the utmost priority of the teachers as well as the parents. Books not only provide us with information, but it also develops good writing skills.
The fair had a large array of books ranging from fiction to non-fiction, biographies, autobiographies and encyclopaedias. There were books on various subjects, hobbies, creative activities etc. The students of Classes Prep – VIII enthusiastically visited the Book Fair and purchased their favourite books.
When these students were asked what do they enjoy doing more? Reading books or watching movies? They all replied that they loved reading books because while reading they have the liberty to create their own characters but movies do provide with a visual impact but mars their creativity.
The prime attraction of the Fair was these three books –
• ‘How Apple And Google Went To War’ by Fred Vogelstein. Which dealt on the most vibrant issue of today –
The rise of I phones, smart phones and tablets has changed the world communications. The feud between Apple and Google is reshaping our technology and its aspects.
• ‘Towards Better English’ authored by M. Rajaram which is an ultimate guide to mastering The English Language.
• ‘Experiments with Magnets’ by Marie Bryan which has a vast array of experiments, magnetic tools, timeline photos and various tips for students to make wonderful projects.
These books gathered a huge crowd and the students eagerly placed orders for them.

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