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Confluence 2015 :: The Second day

XISS Ranchi, Jharkhand | November | Saturday | 07, 2015 :: The second day of Confluence 2015 at XISS witnessed 5 different chaupals which discussed important topics relevant and contemporary to different courses taught at XISS. The following topics were discussed by distinguished scholars, academicians and professionals:

1. Sustainable development :
The panel discussed how CSR activities are not being carried out properly in the country and the emphasis on how sustainability is not only the concern of the project but also the process of carrying out the project. They also focused on women empowerment,behavioral improvement and the acceptance of the third gender.

2. Talent Landscape 2030 :
The chaupal discussed the challenges of the changing talent landcape and how to cope up with them.

3. Digital India :
The panel concluded that it’s not the technology but rather how we use it which will solve the problem of the country.

4. 140 characters :
The ever-growing challenge to find new and innovative marketing strategies in this day and age of social media. They also discussed how to tap on to New and unexplored markets.

5. Economics of inclusive growth :
The panel discussed how development should be more focused on medical and educational infrastructure. They also talked about optimizing public spending.

After the chaupal sessions, a basketball match was held between the teams of alumni and students of XISS. It was won by the team of alumni.XISSIt was followed by a cultural evening which saw performances of the institute’s band MAXISS who rocked the crowd with songs like beat it, stand by me and dip chahta ha I,. and other student performers such as Vikas and Arunima and other faculty members. The evening concluded with a dance session and gala dinner.

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