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Dashashwamedh Ghat ( Varanasi )

Lens Eye - News Portal - Dashashwamedh Ghat ( Varanasi )Varanasi has nearly 100 ghats, steps leading to the banks of River Ganges. Many of the ghats were built when the city was under Maratha control. Marathas, Shindes (Scindias), Holkars, Bhonsles, and Peshwes (Peshwas) stand out as patrons of present-day Varanasi.  Most of the ghats are bathing ghats, while others are used as cremation sites. Many ghats are associated with legends or mythologies while many ghats are privately owned. The former Kashi Naresh owns Shivala or Kali ghat. Morning boat ride on the Ganges across the ghats is a popular visitors attraction.

Among these Ghats , Dashashwamedh  Ghat is the oldest and main ghat in Varanasi on the Ganges River. This Ghat is closest to Vishawanath Temple. Devotees visit this Ghat in huge numbers during Festivles  to perform a variety of rituals and religious activities.

A Priest daily in the morning at Dashashwamedh Ghat performs Agani Pooja in the morning (at 6 am) where in a dedication is made to Lord Shiva.

It was very Difficult to get up so early in the morning but when I read about the Pooja and ghat , I could not control myself to click the Moment. Shradhalus from all over the world come Varanasi to have a dip in the holy river THE GANGES.

 How to Reach Dashashwamedh Ghat

One can reach Dashashwamedh Ghat either by Autu Ricksaw or by Car, both will drop you to ‘Godaulia‘ after reaching Godaulia you can walk Five  minute to reach Dashashwamedh Ghat because no vehicle allowed beyond this limit.

Content and Photograph by:
Ankush kochhar, New Delhi.