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Delegation of JHASA and Jharkhand wing of IMA met Health Minister.

doctorsRanchi, Jharkhand | October | 14, 2016 :: Delegation of Jharkhand Medical Service Association (JHASA) and Jharkhand wing of Indian Medical Association (IMA) met Health Minister, Ramchandra Chandravanshi at Nepal house secretariat in Ranchi on Friday. Delegation was headed by Dr A.K.Singh [ President, IMA Jharkhand ], Dr Pradeep Singh [ Secretary, IMA Jharkhand ], Dr Bimlesh Singh [ Secretary, JSHSA ]. After the meet the delegation decided that the agitation is to be postponed till Nov 15th.

Lensman ::  Ratan Lal

The following are the salient points of today’s discussion with the Health Minister of Jharkhand.

1. Medical Protection Act has been sent to the cabinet for its approval after being cleared by the Dept.of health. Clinical Establishment Act is a central rule and right now it is not clear as to how the amendments can be done.
2. A committee comprising of the officials of directorate is formed which will give its opinion on the notification 666 (3).
Here it is finalised that private practice is allowed but the specialists will give their services to the place of posting whenever required. Private practice will not be allowed outside the district of posting and no doctor will shift patients from the government hospital to his or her own setup.
3. Strengthening of the health directorate is underway in which the DIC will also be a Special Secretary health.

4. Changes in the biometric system is accepted due to the disparity in the duty hours of the doctors. Hence the senior person will endorse the attendance of the officer who has missed his or her attendance. Order in this regard has been sent to the treasury.
5. The health minister has finalised the OPD hours from 9AM to 3PM and then 3PM to 6.PM.
6. DACP of doctors which are ready will be given and the rest will get by Diwali.
7. 42 doctors who have been penalised will have to appeal in the Chief Minister office from where the appeal will come to the health ministry eventually clearing all the affected doctors.
8. All the Civil Surgeons have been asked to furnish the documents regarding the regularisation of the doctors completing 2yrs of probation.
9. The required number of paramedical staffs and doctors are to be obtained from outsourcing and funds in this regard will be furnished.
10. The demands of the dental cadres has been cleared and the minister has personally set a time period of 2 months for the same.
11. 3 years prior to retirement the doctors will have to give 3 options for their posting which will be accepted.
12. The health minister has ordered the regularisation of the 18 days duty in the secretariat within 18 days.
13. The issue of waiting for posting is going to be finalised soon after going through the merit of the individual cases.
14. Transfer policy formulation is underway and will be finalised soon
15. The notification for the specialists cadre has been already sent to the press and the necessary format is being sent to the Civil Surgeons shortly.
16. The participation of IMA and JSHSA in the policy making of Health has been accepted.
17. All the doctors will get timely salaries and only those who are in the Family welfare programme may have to wait because the funds are derived from the centre.
18. All MBBS serving in the rural remote areas irrespective of their place of acquiring the degree will have 50 %seat reservation in the state PG exams.
19. The JPSC has been informed to recruit new doctors to fill the vacancies of the doctors.
20. All female doctors are entitled for 2yrs leave as the child care leave as decided by the centre and the state has got nothing to do with it.
Humbly we present the details of today’s discussion with the Health Minister of Jharkhand for your consideration and we take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the fraternity who stood unified resulting in todays development. We have hence decided that the agitation is to be postponed till Nov 15th.

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