Delhi Assembly Election :: 1993
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Delhi Assembly Election :: 1993

Delhi Assembly Election :: 199302 February 2015 :: Delhi Assembly Election :: 1993

The 5th Assembly of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha was formed after the 1993 elections. This was a historic election as Delhi got its own Chief Minister after a period of 37 years of President’s rule. This was also the first time that Delhi witnessed elections after becoming the National Capital Territory (NCT). Madan Lal Khurana of the BJP became the Chief Minister of Delhi. He was in office from 1993 till 1996.
National Parties will took part in the election were : Bhartiya Janta Party [BJP ], Communist Party of India [ CPI ], Communist Party of India (Marxist [CPM ], Indian National Congress [ INC ], Janta Dal [JD ], Janta Party [JP ].

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)                           49

Indian National Congress (INC)                        14

Janata Dal (JD)                                                      4

Independent (IND)                                              3

Total                                                                       70

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