Delhi Legislative Assembly :: 1977
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Delhi Legislative Assembly :: 1977

Delhi Legislative Assembly :: 197728 January 2015 :: Delhi Legislative Assembly :: 1977

The 3rd Assembly for Delhi Vidhan Sabha were held in 1977. Most number of seats in this election was won by the Janata Party (JNP). The National parties who took part in the Election were      Bhartiya Janta Party [BJP ], Communist Party of India [CPI ], Indian National Congress [INC ] & Janata Party [JNP ]

During 1977 elections, Delhi was under President’s rule as the state had ceased to exist. Therefore, there was no Chief Minister of Delhi and it was ruled as a Union Territory by the Central Government.

* Janata Party (JNP)                          46

* Indian National Congress (INC)      10

Total                                                     56

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