Delhi Public School ( Primary Wing ) Celebrated Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Birth Anniversary
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Delhi Public School ( Primary Wing ) Celebrated Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Birth Anniversary

Delhi Public School ( Primary Wing ) Celebrated Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Birth AnniversaryRanchi, Jharkhand | October | 15, 2015 :: ‘When there is love in our hearts, there’s harmony in our homes. When there is harmony in home, there’s direction in the society. When there’s direction in the society, there’s order in the nation. When there’s order in the nation, there’s peace in the world.’
-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Delhi Public School ( Primary Wing ), honoured the man behind these words Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam by commemorating this day as Students’ Day. The day started with an inspirational biographical show and virtuous speech of Dr. Kalam on Smart Board students came to know more about Dr. Kalam they learned about Kalam’s vision, his deeds, his simple living and high thinking attitude and above all how people remember him by his close and friendly association with his students, whom he loved dearly. This was followed by a special programme to celebrate the day. Students presented different programmes on Dr. Kalam, which included Poems, Speeches, few of them even spoke on the topics like, ‘What will you do to become like Dr. Kalam?’ and ‘What qualities of Dr. Kalam inspire you?’ A student dressed up as Dr. Kalam, delivered few great thoughts of the ‘missile man’. An interesting quiz show on Dr. Kalam was also conducted which captivated the students. Questions like ‘When and Where was Dr. Kalam born?’, ‘Which first Satellite launch vehicle was successfully deployed by Dr. Kalam?’ were asked. Students were found answering the questions enthusiastically.
The programme concluded with a floral tribute to Dr. Kalam by Principal, Dr. Ram Singh and the students of Primary Wing.
Dr. Kalam used to say – ‘It is very easy to defeat someone, but it is very hard to win someone.’ Often referred to as ‘peoples’ president’ Dr. Kalam has surely won the hearts of young ones here. Speaking on the occasion Principal, Dr. Ram Singh said that Dr. Kalam utilized any opportunity that came to him to address school children. He used to motivate the children to dream big so that they become achievers in life. So, the students should have a big dream and work hard to achieve it.

Students’ Day was made more memorable by the ancient Indian Sport Kabaddi ( Final) played between two teams Ravi House and Jamuna House of class five. A total of seven girls from each team participated enthusiastically. Students found cheering the teams wholeheartedly Ravi House finally became the winner with 79 points to 69 points Jamuna House. The match concluded with a bond of sportsmanship among the students.

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