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DPS :: Students will be taught the TAMAI method to solve mathematical problems. 

Ranchi, Jharkhand | July | 05, 2017 :: Maths will no more be a nightmare for children of Delhi Public School, Ranchi, as they will be taught the TAMAI method to solve mathematical problems. A team of KIWAMI conducted an introductory workshop for parents in the school premises. KIWAMI is a Japanese organization and the team members present were from Japan and Delhi. They informed the parents about the new techniques of learning and their benefits of Ee Soroban, KIWAMI Geometry and Robotics.
Mitsuyo Tamai the CEO of KIWAMI was the chief spokes person. The other members who were there are Ms Haruka Takano (Secretary to the Chairperson), Mr. Siddharth Marwa (MD), Ms. Ketaki Kapoor (Sales Executive), Ms. Manpreet Marwa (Central manager) and Ms. Kanika Bhatia (Teacher).
Ee Soroban is a unique method use for calculation which would enable children to visual Soroban in their mind. It is also known as imaging calculation because in order to complete grip over Robotics, Science and Mathematics it’s important for the children to be able to form an image in their mind. This will not only help them to solve problems quickly but also accurately.
KIWAMI Geometry- It would be useful for children for the perspective of viewing solid objects.
Robotics- This technique would be benef
icial for enhancing problem solving skills and time management.
The head of the institution Dr. Ram Singh being a visionary feels that we should not restrict ourselves and be open to new ideas and techniques in the fields of education. He is a pioneer in introducing innovative techniques in the field of education and it has always been his mission to give the best facilities to his students, so that they may carve a niche for themselves in the global arena.
The parents who attended the introductory workshop were of the opinion that children will be highly benefited as it will help them to faster skills to solve problems comfortably regardless of grade in school.

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