Personality of the week

Dr. B.K.Mandal

Name –  Dr. B.K.Mandal

Profession & Working Place – Assistant  Professor,  Doranda College, Ranchi

Education- M.A , BET [ UGC, Delhi ]

Married to –

Mrs. T.Mandal


When was the last time you saw a film, what was it?  –

Body Guard – last Month.

How many hours a day would you spend watching,
reading or listening to:TV/Radio/Internet/Print (magazines/newspapers) –

Four Hours

Please list your top 3 TV programmes.

1. Animal Planet

2. ETv Bihar

3. Star Anand  Bangala

Your top favourite food- Roti, Rice, Dal, Fish

Your top favourite  –
1. Actor- Uttam Kumar, Amitabh Bacchan
2. Actress- Suchitra Sen
3. Movie-  Andha Kanoon
4. Politician- Neta jee Subash Chandra Bose, Anna Hazare
5. Book- Goora, Geetanjali [ Ravindra Nath Tagore ]

Wake up at :- 5.20Am,     Sleep at :-  11Am

Five things without which You can not live  –

Work, Family Member, Mobile, Bike, Money

Are you interested in cooking ? If yes then what is your favourite Dish – Yes, Dal Roti

You win a  1 milion. Where would you  spend it, and what would you buy? –  Want to spend in Village for Education

Name one people that you really admire. – Guru Dev Rabindranath Tagore.

If you were not in this profession what would you be- I would own a School in a village.

Awards / Achievements –  Award for Major Reserch Project from UGC in 2010.

Dreams:- Want to be a Ideal Man.

Any Advice to youngsters- Be Good for society.

Contact Number/Email Id- 09430239659,

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