Lens Eye - Dr. G.D.Mishra - Ranchi.
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Dr. G.D.Mishra – Ranchi.

Lens Eye - Dr. G.D.Mishra - Ranchi.Dr. G.D.Mishra is a Researcher in Medical Plants in Ranchi. He was Born in Salgawan village of Hazaribag District of Jharkhand in a family of Farmer. He was Gold Medalist in M.Sc Chemistry & got his Ph.D degree in 1975. His First Book ‘ Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry’  was published in 1977. His Major Fields of Research are : Medical Plants/ Chemistry, Environmental Pollution & Oxidation of Organic Compounds.
Dr. Mishra has used Di-Tart, Butyl Chromate[TBC] for Oxidising various types of organic compounds. Dr. Mishra obtained a large number of Solid Products which were found to be complexes of Chromium. Some such complexes were found to  be Explosive in nature which can be used commercially in mining industry. Dr. Mishra has prepared another oxidant called di-tert Amyl Chromate [ TAC ] which has been used for oxidizing different organic compounds. He has extensively studied the pollution in Jharkhand. He has studied the nature and extent of pollution in the rivers of Jharkhand and suggested remedial measures.
He is the Director of Dr Mishra’s laboratories Pvt Ltd, Ranchi.

Name – Dr. G.D.Mishra

Profession & Working Place – University Teacher [ Rtd ], Researcher in Medical Plants in Ranchi.

Hobby –     Research.

Date & Place of Birth –  11 May 1947, Hazaribagh.

Education–  M.Sc Gold Medalist & Ph.D in Chemistry from Ranchi University,Ranchi.
Primary Education – Hazaribagh.

Married to – Dr. Kiran Mishra.

When was the last time you saw a film, what was it? Golmaal, 20 to 25 days ago.

Please list your top 3 TV programmes.
1. National Geographic Channel
2. Discovery
3. IBN 7

Your top favourite food– Veg

Your top favourite  –
1. Actor- Amitabh Bachchan.
2. Actress- Madhuri Dixit
3. Movie- Mughal-E-Azam
4. Politician- Atal Bihari Vajpayee
5. Book- Bhagwad Gita

Wake up at :-      5.30Am            Sleep at :-  10.30Pm

 Five things without which You can not live  –
Wife, Son, Two daughters, Grand Children, My Work

Are you interested in cooking ? If yes then what is your favourite Dish
Yes, Roti Sabji, Rice, Dal.

Development in your City –   Thumps Up,
Development in your State –   Thumps Up,
Development in your Country –   Thumps Up

You win a  1 Bilion. Where would you spend it, and what would you buy?
I want to make a scientific Herbal labrotary for research also a good School & good College.

Name one people that you really admire
My Grand Mother [ Late Rudra Devi ]

If you were not in this profession what would you be
I would be in the field of Agriculture

If you are Deputed as Ek Din ka Pradhan Mantri, What would be your first work?
I would like to work on Birth Control.

Awards / Achievements
Lens Eye - Dr. G.D.Mishra - Ranchi.* Made Medicine for Hepatitis A & B [ Jaundice ]by which over One lakh people across the country have been cured.
* Honoured by Gaint International federation of India in 2001.
Discovered medicine for Piles.
* Written 16 Boks in Chemistry and has written 45 research papers.
* Life Member of a Number of Reesearch Journals of Chemistry.
* Thirty Three Students got Ph. D degree under his guidance.
* Head of the Chemistry Department of Ranchi University in 2001.
* Dean, Faculty of Sceince, Ranchi University in 2005[ for a period of Two Years ]
* Honoured with Shiksha ratna Purashkar for contribution in the field of Chemistry and medicine on 18th November 2008.

Dreams :- I am Satisfied

Any Advice to youngsters– Be Honest and Work sincerely.

Email Id–  dr.mishra.lab@gmail.com