e – Calander Event Manager

Name : Nithya Purushothaman
City : Kollam
Country : INDIA
E- Mail ID : nithyapurush@gmail.com
Social Sites Links : https://www.facebook.com/nithyapurush
Profession :
Specialization :


Name : Dr. Rajib Roychowdhury
City : Dhupguri (West Bengal)
Country : INDIA
E- Mail ID : rajibroychowdhurybu@gmail.com
Social Sites Links : https://web.facebook.com/rajibroychowdhurybu
Profession : Plant Biotechnologist
Specialization : Besides the academic profession, I am an Amateur Photographer (Nature & Wildlife, People and Culture) by passion.


Name : Vikrant Srivastava
City : Gurgaon
Country : INDIA
E- Mail ID : vikraant.srivastava@gmail.com
Social Sites Links : https://www.facebook.com/VSP.Photography
Profession : Manager
Specialization : I am a lively and enthusiastic person. I love to interact with people and make efforts to bring a smile on their faces. I am dedicated to achieve excellence in life and willing to put in every endeavor to make it achievable. My aim of life is to gain knowledge from every new experience faced and keep moving with dynamism and contribute towards betterment in all spheres.

Work profile is I am an Admin & Projects professional with 14 plus years of experience.

Currently associated with Yum India Pvt Ltd. Apart from that worked with Honeywell & Max in the past.

Photography & Cooking is my hobby and passion. Weekends are generally dedicated to my family and friends where I keep experimenting with the food and try to make new dishes for them.

Photography is another passion of mine which gives lots of satisfaction. Won All India 3 rd Prize in all India photography competition which was organized by Prafulla Dhanukar Art Foundation. Apart from that also got various national & international recognitions in the field of photography as well.


Name : Ashish Jain
City : Delhi
Country : INDIA
E- Mail ID : ashishjain4848@gmail.com
Social Sites Links : twitter@ashishjain4848
Profession : EMPLOYED
Specialization :  SALES AND MARKETING


Name : Mainak Ghosh
City : Burdwan
Country : INDIA
E- Mail ID : ghoshmainak36@gmail.com
Social Sites Links : https://www.facebook.com/mainak.ghosh3
Profession : Student
Specialization : Chemistry


Name : Lisa Heyer
City : Blenheim
Country : New Zealand
E- Mail ID : overviewlisa@hotmail.com
Social Sites Links :
Profession : Farmer
Specialization : I have been a farmer and animal lover for years. My photographic specialty is animals but also LOVE landscape, waterscape and seascape photography. However I do like to take photos of anything and everything that is going at the moment!!


Name : Arpit Gupta
City : Delhi
Country : India
E- Mail ID : newsphotojournalist@gmail.com
Social Sites Links :  https://www.facebook.com/ASPCREATIVESACADEMY/
Profession : Photographer
Specialization : Advertising and Fashion Photography, Modeling Portfolio, Acting Portfolio, Photojournalism


Name : Amit Rajesth
City : Pune
Country : India
E- Mail ID : newsphotojournalist@gmail.com
Social Sites Links : https://www.facebook.com/amit.rajesth
Profession : Business Analyst at Mastercard
Specialization :


Name : Amrita Ghanty
City : Dubai
Country : UAE
E- Mail ID : amrita4u@gmail.com
Social Sites Links : https://www.facebook.com/Beyond the eye Photography/
Profession : Business Development Manager
Specialization : Advertising and Fashion Photography, Modeling Portfolio, Acting Portfolio, Photojournalism


Name : Tanmay Haldar
City : Kolkata
Country : India
E- Mail ID : haldar.tanmay@gmail.com
Social Sites Links : https://www.facebook.com/blossoms.pure


Profession : Software Engineer
Specialization : Information Technology

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