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Enigma 2.0 by Embark – The Event club

Ranchi, Jharkhand | February | 01, 2019 :: On the 1st of February, Embark- The Event club, organised Enigma 2.0: Gear up to Head on the Bid. The event started off with a bang. The event had 3 rounds which composed of quizzes on a plethora of topics like management, general knowledge, politics.

There was a heavy participation from all departments of XISS as well as nearby colleges like BIT Lalpur, St Xavier’s College and Amity University. Maxiss Band and The Hind band raised the spirits of the audience with their mesmerising performances. The preliminary round was a screening test which consisted of 30 questions which were to be solved within 15 minutes. Out of the 43 teams which had registered for the event only 12 went ahead for the 2nd round. The 2nd round was again a quiz round. This round had 10 questions and the time allotted was 10 minutes. It was a logical reasoning round and tested the speed, accuracy and presence of mind of the participants. Finally, only 5 teams namely ;Trailblazers, Vikings, Victors, Peakey B and Tuk Tuk went ahead for the 3rd round. This round was the apex of the whole event. The teams were given virtual money worth ?500 and were asked to bid any amount in multiples of 10, the team with the highest bid would get a chance to answer If the answer is correct, twice the amount is added to their virtual wallet erstwhile if the answer is wrong, then half the amount bid is deducted. This compelling round kept the audience engrossed in the event. The participants became very competitive and bid ferociously. After a nail-biting 45-minute quiz competition, the winners were Team Victor and the runners up were Team Peakey B. The prizes were given away to the winners which brought the event to a culmination. All- in-all the event was a successful feat for Embark and XISS to remember.

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