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Farmers of Jharkhand will be trained in horticulture farming ,: Government aims to promote Chilli, Mushroom, Papaya and other horticulture crops

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | October  | 01, 2021 ::  The state government plans to organize various training programs for better implementation of different schemes and promoting horticulture aimed at generating new employment opportunities for the farmers, youth and women. The objective of this scheme is to increase the multi-faceted development of horticulture crops and increasing farmers’ income. It is aimed at benefiting the people of the state while leveraging climate, soil and favourable ecology for horticulture crops. The government envisions connecting youth, farmers and women of the state with these schemes.

Training at Panchayat and Block Levels

For the multifaceted development of horticulture crops in all the districts of the state, a five-day training program will be organized for the ‘Bagwan Mitras’(Gardener Friends) at the Panchayat level and ‘Udyan Mitras’/farmers at the block level. During the said training these people will be trained in technical methods for cultivation of horticulture crops. During training, the state government will pay allowance to the trainees and will make arrangements for food, commute and lodging of trainees. Also, the trainees will be felicitated with a certificate on completion of the training.

Gardener training program for Urban Youth

Under the scheme, a dedicated training program is planned for the urban youth. With this, the beautification will be encouraged in urban areas through urban youth skill development in gardening and horticulture crop production. This training will be organized with the help of the identified institutes of importance, run by the Government of Jharkhand and the Government of India. This training session is planned for a length of 25 Days.

Training for the cultivation of chilli and mushroom

The state government plans to promote the cultivation of chillies and other spices, which are in high demand in the market. As per the blueprint of the scheme, initially, 1330 hectares of land across different districts of Jharkhand will be promoted for chilli farming. Along with this, farmers will be trained about the inclusion of new technologies in mushroom farming.

Floriculture and Papa production to generate additional livelihood solutions

The government is putting efforts to motivate farmers to take up floriculture and Papaya production. Initially, floriculture will be promoted on an area of 1000 hectares in the state. The government has set a target of planting about eight lakh Papaya saplings in the financial year 2021-22. Farmers will be provided saplings for the plantation.

Similarly, there is a plan to train farmers in tissue culture strawberry farming, poly house construction, vegetable cultivation and development of home gardens etc.

“This scheme is planned to increase farmers’ income along with the multifaceted development of horticulture crops in the state. If the farmers and youth of the state are involved in fruit and vegetable cultivation, if they take up floriculture, this will be an additional source of income for them.
Nisha Oraon, Director Agriculture Department

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