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FitnessPro Ranchi Cyclothon – 2020 : Prize Distribution

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | October | 04 , 2020 ::  JCI Ranchi and BNI Ranchi had organised FitnessPro Ranchi Cyclothon on 5th & 6th of September 2020. The prize distribution for the winners was organised today at a location near ITBP, Ring Road, Ranchi and was attended by 40+ cyclists. The event was supported by Kanishka Poddar, Bicycle Mayor of Ranchi.

Amit Khowal, President of JCI Ranchi and Ankit Jain, Chairman, BNI Ranchi left no stone unturned to make this a successful and memorable event.  Both the organisation has been continuously working towards the betterment of our society. Mr Gautam Kumar, Past President JCI has played an important role in bring both the organisation together to organise this cycling event and work towards the common goal.  Mr Robin Gupta, President and Mr Nishant Modi, Secretary has also played an important role in organising the event and inspiring others.

Punit Dhandhnia, PRO, informed about the details of the event and prize distribution. Ranchi Cyclothon was first of its kind virtual cycling event organised in Ranchi. The event was divided in 3 Levels wherein participants had to choose any one of the three levels and ride 25 Kms in Level 1, 50 Kms in Level 2 and 100 kms in Level 3 in a single ride on 5th or 6th September 2020. The participants can ride at their convenient time and location between the two dates to complete the ride. The data of rides were recorded on a mobile application called Strava and submitted with organisers.

The participants had the option to choose their own desired level of challenge depending on their fitness and cycling endurance. A total of 161 cyclists participated in the challenge wherein 69 cyclists took part in Level 1 for 25 kms, 61 cyclists took part in Level 2 for 50 kms and 31 cyclists took part in Level 3 for 100 kms. Out of 161 cyclists, a total of 148 cyclists were able to complete the challenge and received a finishers medal and t-shirt from the organisers.

Mr Arnav Shree, won the Level 1 of the challenge by riding 25.07 km in 43 minutes at an average speed of 34.98 kms/ hr whereas Ms Aditi Sharma was the fastest female to complete level one. She rode 25.01 kms in 1 hr 6 min at an average speed of 22.72 km/hr. Master Kushagra Kumar, aged 11 years, was the youngest cyclist to complete the level. He rode 25 kms in 2 hrs 25 mins. Mr Sneh Raj came 2nd and Mr Kumud Ranjan came 3rd in this category.

Mr Arnav Shree was also declared winner for Level 2 of the challenge wherein he rode 50.01 kms in 1 hr 26 min averaging 34.89 kms/hr and Ms Sunaina Garodia was the fastest female to complete the level 2. She rode 50.77 kms in 2 hrs 21 mins. Mr Dheeraj, aged 14 years was the youngest rider in this category. He rode 50 kms in 2 hrs 1 mins.  Mr Harpinder Singh came 2nd and Mr Bibhav Thakur came 3rd in this category.

Mr Robin Singh a young cyclist has been declared the fastest cyclists for his exceptional performance. He completed the Level 3 of the challenge by riding 100.07 kms in 2 hr 51 min 54 seconds at an average speed of 35.11 kms/hr. Robin Singh has also represented Jharkhand various national and sate level championship. Mr Pratham Kumar Sharma came 2nd and Mr Jashandeep Singh came 3rd in this category. The race between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position holder was very close with only few seconds apart from each other.

Mr Raunak Sarda rode the longest distance in the challenge by cycling 301.76 kms in 12 hrs 6 mins at an average speed of 24.94 kms/hr. He participated in Level 3.

Many individuals started cycling recently during the lockdown had also participated in the event and pushed themselves to ride 100 kms and 50 kms for the first time. The event also recognizes exemplary efforts by such individuals. Mr Sunil Barnwal, senior IAS officer, Govt of Jharkhand, Mr Rajeev Gupta, Curator TEDxKanke,  and Mr Bhanu Jalan, an eminent businessman of Ranchi rode 50 Kms and completed level 2 of the event. They all pushed hard to ensure they complete the ride at faster pace.  Mr ravi Sharma completed 17 rides of 100 kms each in last two months and his efforts were also recognised during the event.

Out of 161 participants, 148 participants completed the challenge and each one of them received the Finishers Medal and Certificate of Completion. The winner of the challenge in each category received a trophy and certificate from Kanishka Poddar, Bicycle Mayor of Ranchi, Jharkhand. Mr Ankit Jain, Chairman, BNI Ranchi, Mr Amit Khowal, President JCI Ranchi, Mr Sunil Barnwal, IAS, Govt of Jharkhand, Mr Rajeev Gupta, Curator, TEDxKanke and others. The trophy were given to the winners today during morning ride towards ITBP, Ring Road, Ranchi.

Mr Amit Khowal from JCI Ranchi said that cycling not only reduces the pollution level in the city but also keeps the individual fit and healthy. Cycling is one of the best action to save and heal our mother earth. He also mentioned how cycling helps in bring positivity in the thought process of an individual and also increases self confidence in doing other activities.

Mr Ankit Jain from BNI Ranchi said cycling is one stop solution to various problems related to climate change. It also helps a great deal in keeping the polluted air out of our body. He also assured that similar event will be organised on a regular basis with an aim to maximise participation of cyclists with various level of fitness and endurance and to increase the visibility of cyclist in the streets of Ranchi.

Kanishka Poddar, Bicycle Mayor of Ranchi, congratulated BNI Ranchi and JCI Ranchi for successfully organising the Fitness Pro Ranchi Cyclothon event in the current times. He also congratulated all the winners and those who participated in the event for completing the ride.

Poddar added: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented bicycle sales in India, as more and more people try to avoid public transportation for fear of contracting the virus. The lack of recreational activity and closer of Gyms has also given a boost to cycling to lead a healthy lifestyle. These challenges also aim in making sure that this momentum of increase in cycling is continued.

Poddar also urged the state government to focus on developing Cycling conducive infrastructure to support the rise in ridership in the city roads and also assure the riders are that roads are safe for them. Considering the topography and weather of the city, Ranchi has huge potential to become the cycling capital of eastern India.

He further requested all the cyclist to ensure they wear helmet while riding and respect traffic rules for their own safety.

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