Formation of a New Political Party - Bharatiya Suraaj Dal.
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Formation of a New Political Party – Bharatiya Suraaj Dal.

Formation of a New Political Party - Bharatiya Suraaj Dal.Ranchi, Jharkhand 07 July 2014 :: A new political party “ Bharatiya Suraaj Dal” has been formed. It aspires to be a national party but will begin its activity from Jharkhand.

Today no political party has a basic book that puts forward the ideology and a comprehensive blueprint of change for democratic discussion. For all these reasons a new political party has been formed which could bring good governance or ‘suraaj’ while protecting and promoting the identity and pride of India, says P.K Siddharth [ President President, Bharatiya Suraaj Dal ]

The party’s leadership :-The president of the party is P.K Siddharth who took voluntary retirement from IPS in 2010. The model of people-centric governance presented by him in Dumka and Palamu,where he was SP in 1990 and 1991-92 respectively, is still remembered by the people of the two districts. The party General Secretary is Kamlesh Kumar Gupta,  who has been in social service for about a decade. The treasurer of the party is B.L Vohra, a former Director General of Police who is credited with control of armed interagency in Tripura while he was DGP, Tripura in 2000-02.

The ideology of the party and a comprehensive blueprint of reform is presented for democratic discussions in the basic book of the party titled Sampurn Kranti Ki Bhumika ( A Preface to Total Revolution). The party and its basic book will be formally launched in a function after the registration of the party by the Election Commission.

The Agenda of the Party : Apart from making the administration smart and people-friendly, attempting political, electoral and administrative reforms, controlling corruption and reforming education, the party’s flagship program will be pulling everybody in the state out of the poverty zone within a period of three to five years, who is serious about renounce poverty. To show that it is not just a hollow promise of ‘Garibi Hatao’, which the country has seen once in the past, the blueprint of the program of action for poverty removal will be presented using a documentary film on the subject which will be shown in every district by holding a press conference to inspire confidence and credibility among the intelligentsia and the people at large.

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