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Free Webinar for INBA Members on Criminal Law & Art of Cross Examination on 28th March, 2015.

Free Webinar for INBA Members on Art of Cross Examination & Criminal Law on 28th March, 2015.New Delhi, 12 March 2015 :: Indian National Bar Association [ INBA ] Academy is organising a webinar for INBA members on criminal law and art of cross examination. KTS TULSI [ Senior Advocate, Criminal Lawyers ] to speak at INBA Webinar on ART OF CROSS EXAMINATION AND CRIMINAL LAW on 28th March, 2015 at 11:15 AM

Most lawyers do a good job in their opening statements, direct examinations, and closing arguments, but never learn the art of cross-examination. To master that art, lawyers need to conduct cross-examinations with the same attention they pay do the other phases of the trial.

Few suggestions by KTS Tulsi  related to cross examinations :

The central point of cross-examination is that the witness should not be able to predict the answer to your questions. It is important to put the witness at ease by asking questions in a friendly manner. The more a witness talks, the better it is for the cross-examiner because each answer suggests several other questions. If you have documentary evidence and the witness makes a statement contrary to that document, pretend to believe him. Lead him to state more falsehood and use the document as a trump card to destroy his credibility. Shouting and screaming at the witness does no good. A smart cross-examiner never leaves his friendly demeanour and invariably gets a better of a witness

The webinar offers the following tips to highlight the special purposes of cross-examination and to be a guide for mastering the art of cross-examination.

One can learn from Webinar :

* Art of Cross Examination

* Practicing Criminal Law

* Things you should you about criminal law

* Best Practices in Criminal Law

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About K. T. S. Tulsi
K. T. S. Tulsi is an Indian politician and a senior advocate in the Supreme Court of India. He has represented many notable people in various cases. Mr. Tulsi, the Criminal Justice Society of India has organized several important national seminars on subjects such as delays in criminal justice, procedure for search and seizure, matrimonial offences, combating corruption etc


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