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Gaganpreet – Faridabad.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Gaganpreet - Faridabad.1. Title of the Photo :: War in clouds.
2. Photographer’s Name :: Gaganpreet.
3. Country  :: India.
4. State :: Haryana.
5. City :: Faridabad.
6. Category of the Photo :: Nature.
7. About Photo :: *This picture is special as it shows how there are different shades all over the world, not different people, living things but also clouds and light show how different these are!
* This dusshera .. i can co-relate dusshera and this picture. The significance of dusshera can also be shown through this pic! (for me)
*aaah , very easy to relate to nature, clouds belong to god, nature belong to god, clouds are essential in every terms 😀