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Garhwa ::  Nagar Untari is now Banshidhar Nagar

Garhwa ::  Nagar Untari is now Banshidhar NagarNagar Untari, Garhwa, Jharkhand | March | 28, 2017 ::  Nagar Untari is now Banshidhar Nagar. The Name of Nagar Untari is now changed to Banshidhar Nagar on the name of Old temple of Radha Krishna. This temple contains century old gold statue of Radha-Krishna

Nagar Untari (Hindi: ??? ??????) is one of the administrative block of Garhwa district, Jharkhand state, India. It is located 40 km towards west from District headquarters Garhwa. It is a Block headquarter in Bhawanathpur Bidhansabha. Nagar Untari Surrounded by Four States (Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh).

Nagar Untari is a small town located in the Garhwa district of Jharkhand state, India. Ranchi is the state capital for Nagar Untari. Ranchi is located around 212.5 km away from Nagar Untari.


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