Lens Eye - News Portal - Hemant Chandak - Delhi.
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Hemant Chandak – Delhi.

Lens Eye - News Portal - Hemant Chandak -  Delhi.1. Title of the Photo :: Faith gives everyone a chance…
2. Photographer’s Name :: Hemant Chandak.
3. Country  :: India.
4. State :: Delhi.
5. City :: Delhi.
6 Category of the Photo :: Animals/Pets.
7. About Photo :: Taken at Karni Mata temple in Deshnok, Bikaner. Rats in this temple are sacred, and fed across the temple premises like this. There are also four  sacred white Rats known as ‘Kaabaas’, who are considered brothers of Karni Mata, a Hindu goddess incarnation from few centuries ago. Citing this white ‘Kaabaas’ is considered very holy and auspicious. Temple is managed by ‘Chaaran’ community since the beginning.