"Hindi Journalism" completed 187 years [ 30 May 1826 ]
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“Hindi Journalism” completed 187 years [ 30 May 1826 ]

"Hindi Journalism" completed 187 years [ 30 May 1826 ]30 May 2013 :: In India’s Journalism ‘Hindi Journalism Day’ is celebrated on 30th of May,  as on the same date in the year 1826, country’s first Hindi Newspaper  Udant Martand’s editing and publishing had started. Today Hindi journalism has completed its 187 years.

The first Hindi newspaper was started by Jugal Kishor Shukla. The Hindi daily was published in Braj and Khari languages. Jugal Kishor Shukla has given an unforgettable contribution to journalism. He went through several difficulties but until he lost all his money, he kept on the publishing of Udant Martand, But he had to close down the paper within a year. He made another attempt to start another paper in 1850 called Samyadani Martand but this also failed.

But his contribution to Journalism could not be forgatable because As the result of his undying efforts, journalism has become the fourth pillar of Indian democracy. During the past few years, journalism has touched new heights of success through television and internet.

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