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Ibisbill- from a “NEVER HEARD BEFORE” bird to the “FIND OF THE YEAR” : Hitesh Chawla

From my visit to Corbett. . .

Capturing birds in flight is always difficult and for me and to capture this shot was the toughest one till date and the reason is mentioned below.

We were taking landscape shots using our mobile phones (me, Anshul Chhangani and Harshil Sharma) while standing in the middle of Kosi River near Garjia temple when we noticed that Vishal MÓnakar and Sambit MÓhapatra are capturing something. We came out of the river and went near them to ask what they are doing. Vishal showed us some mind-blowing images of Crested Kingfisher. Vishal and Sambit went back and me, Anshul and Harshil went towards river, not in search of Crested Kingfisher but again, to take some more landscape from the best point possible. Unlike last time, I refused to leave camera on river bank and asked Harshil that what if we get any bird? With folded Capri till thighs, carrying camera in one hand I started walking towards deep water.

After taking 15-20 steps, I saw these beauties and shouted, Harshil bhai Ibisbill, Ibisbill, bring your camera and he repeated the same for Anshul. Slowly we started walking towards them (not directly, don’t worry) and after taking every picture, we were moving forward. We saw a stone whose 15-20% portion was out of water, shared 8-9 % each and sat there for a while. Now we were at eye level but this was a different experience all together. Harshil and Anshul left that stone and I too sat on a different one which was completely inside water. Only we three know how we were taking pictures. Our knees were bend, we were under water till our waist but still were giving our best, crawling in a flowing river and all that to capture the never captured before shots of these birds.

To our bad luck, we saw a local guy crossing the river and going towards these birds. Harshil asked that guy to change his path but he didn’t which made these birds to fly away and while taking off, above is what I capture.

I know one has shady face and other is soft but it was a lifetime experience for us.

If I have to explain this in one line, I would say that, till now, this was the toughest birding day for me but it was totally worth as I got shots of a lifetime.

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