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IDSA sets its footprints in Academics with its PG Diploma program in Direct Selling

IDSA sets its footprints in Academics with its PG Diploma program in Direct Selling
The Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) works as an interface between the Industry and policy-making governmental bodies. It has a major role to play in the Indian Market place for the companies to stay focused on the consistency of progress, say directly or indirectly.
Apart from several CSR activities and contributions of the industry to the Indian economy, it has set its footprints in academics as well. By introducing “direct selling” as a PG Diploma program in collaboration with Shoolini University, IDSA has become the world’s second-largest direct-selling association to link academics with the Industry.
Last year IDSA launched the centre of excellence (CEDSA), to facilitate a one-year post-diploma in direct sales, which added a new chapter in the direct selling ecosystem. CEDSA is India’s first Centre of Excellence in Direct Selling by any direct Selling Association. With the introduction of “direct selling” in academics, has benefited youths with employment opportunities across the globe.
Recent feedback from students as well as the consumers of the related companies has proved how impactful direct selling is. Hence becoming the most critical part of sales and growth, if you are a businessman or own a mid-sized or even a small company.
The PG Diploma program in direct selling has been a huge success and brought new variations in the businesses to be more capable of handling the crisis and management qualities within the youth.
With its current activities on academics, IDSA has been hopeful that other universities and educational institutes will also give the much-needed impetus to formal studies in direct selling business models.
One of the recent surveys states that the direct selling industry, an industry association led by companies such as Amway, Modicare, and Herbalife, had said in a statement earlier that it has seen steady growth in sales as consumers stepped up shopping through direct selling channel amid nationwide lockdowns since last year. In a report released 2 years back, it said the sector saw 53 lakh, new entrants of direct sellers and consumers, in the last financial year.

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