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IIM Ranchi celebrated closing ceremony of Women’s week

Ranchi, Jharkhand | March | 12, 2021 :: IIM Ranchi celebrated Closing Ceremony of Women’s Week on the occasion of International Woman’s Day.

The Guests of Honour of the event were: Prof. Virajanand Varma, Prof. Shilpee A Dasgupta, Prof. Divya Aggarwal and Prof Vijaya Dixit.

Prof. Shailendra Singh, Director, IIM Ranchi, said, “Women are considered the epitome of power, and we worship the goddess in them. We have tried to recognize female contribution for a long time, and today, in this era, it is being recognised more than ever. The compulsory seats for women in the institutions, jobs, etc., provides a platform to them to make the world hear their voice, and the quality of discussion and contribution also increases with gender diversity. The need for the hour is to support each other and every gender and provide equal opportunities to everyone.”

Gender sensitisation committee briefly described the purview of their work throughout the year, comprising a visit to Rasabeda village whereby an awareness session was organised to make all the women aware of menstrual hygiene and sanitation. An awareness session was taken by Ms. Shaili Chopra from SheThePeople.TV in the month of June 2020. Moreover, it is pertinent to highlight that the gender committee is about gender equality. We celebrate every gender.

Prof. Virajanand Varma said, “The female in my life is extremely special to me for the roles that they played respectively. It gives a feeling of introspection when we see the struggle of females for equality. The gender pay gap has 35% of the difference in India for comparable jobs between males and females, and as the pay goes up, the difference begins to increase. There is also a need for reflection as India stands in the 112th position out of 150 countries in the gender pay gap.”

Prof. Divya Aggarwal said, “If you educate a man, you educate a person, but if you educate a woman, you educate the entire generation. The vision of women’s day and the essence of celebrating it is when we start seeing women as performing various roles because we are more than capable of doing it.”

Prof. Vijaya Dixit said, “Girls with ambition become woman with vision. Progress of woman ensures progress of all. All women have to support other women so that they can also live their dreams.”


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