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IITF 2017 – Standup India bringing revolutionary financial progress in hinter land of Jharkhand 

November | 18, 2017 :: Every year IITF is organized in Delhi at Pragati Maidan with an interesting theme. This year, the theme of the 37th IITF 2017 is ‘Startup India Stand Up India’.

The “Stand up India” is an initiative for the schedule caste and backward tribes. It aims at providing financial aid to the lower sections of our country. Stand up India also promotes employment and entrepreneurship to the lower sections and women. With the help of this scheme, women are getting huge benefit.

Process of Lac Cultivation is being clearly exhibited in the stall of Department of Forests, Environment and Climate Change which is getting appreciation from general public as well as connoisseurs.

Jharkhand is the ‘Lac State of India’ which alone contributes about 59% of the national production. Several lac growing villages of Jharkhand revealed that income generated from lac cultivation is next only to cultivation paddy. The income from lac cultivation is about 8% of their total agricultural income and most of the lac growing families are among the poorest of the poor in the state. Women are successfully working in lac production.

Lac is not only used in making bangles but also it is used in perfume, varnish and in coating of fruits. At the same time, lac is also useful in sealing packets and envelopes for sending parcel or required documents from post offices.

Lac has encouraged many underprivileged women to be self dependant and as a result they are able to send their children to school and lead a better life.

Jharkhand has emerged as the fastest growing state and with the help of Lac Cultivation it is removing the poverty of the poor and today more and more people are learning the skills of lac farming.

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